Java XML Diagramming Tool

Jaxdiag is an XML Diagramming tool written in Java. Jaxdiag displays, and if selected prints, the contents of any XML file in a heirarchical diagram. Elements within the diagram can be expanded and collapsed as required.

Jaxdiag can be used as a stand alone tool, or without much effort, could be included in another project to provide XML diagramming capabilities

Jaxdiag has been developed by  Phillip Pettit and is free software covered by a GPL license. Please visit the project page to download the Jaxdiag software and documentation. The API can be viewed here.

Jaxdiag uses version 2.1 of the NanoXML Java XML parser by Marc De Sheemaecher. The NanoXML project is also hosted by sourceforge and the required files can be downloaded here. Jaxdiag uses the NanoXML 2.1 net.n3.nanoxml Java package so please download and ensure this package can be found within your CLASSPATH before running Jaxdiag. .